16 March 2009

Black & Orange Chiffon Kaftan with Orange Tube Dress and Belt

Large black and orange floral chiffon scarf
Orange satin fabric
Hard Interfacing
Soft Interfacing
Hidden zipper
Metal hook & eye
Button Snaps

15 hours

RM26.90 for the orange fabric and hidden zipper. The other materials were readily available at home.

I had to whip up something to wear to a friend's wedding reception at a moment's notice. Fortunately I had this black and orange chiffon scarf from another wedding as a door gift during her reception. That's where I had the idea of making it into a simple butterfly kaftan because I knew it should be fairly easy and quick to make. So I went to get some orange satin fabric to match and referred to Ms Rosita's bridal pattern book (Page 26) for inspiration and guidance on the tube dress. The original pattern had a mermaid skirt to it but I opted for a simpler A-line instead. To add the subtle illusion of a more defined waist, I decided to have a belt go with it as well. The belt is simply a strip of hard interfacing pressed and sewn onto the fabric with button snaps attached to it. No lining since the kaftan was quite long.

The initial product had a few flaws in it. The princess seams at the upper chest had to be pulled in some more and the side seams at the upper corner had to be taken in by an inch each to make it more fitted around the bust area. I'd decided to attach the little metal hook and eye to the top of the zipper to have better closure at the back and reduce creasing.